What's that?

'That' — is my way of consuming information, keeping trends around while not following anyone, spending less time and defeating FOMO.

The bot aggregates all information sources on a specific topic on one page, and our meticulously crafted collections help you quickly find new sources of information. The code of the bot created by Vas3k.club community. This is a fork and its code is open sourced.


You do not need to subscribe to anyone, install an app or receive notifications.

Come on and read stuff when and how you want.

Most of the news is not worth reading beyond the headline.

'Gday, mate' saves your time, and we have no appetite for your attention.

No algorithms in the feed, no clicks tracking, no likes analysis.

Just in the good old days.

I found a bug or want a feature!

The code is open sourced.

Send pull-requests.